<p><strong>Master of European Studies program, Chapel Hill Double Degree Track</strong></p><p>Do you want to be part of a master&rsquo;s program that is situated in a vibrant multidisciplinary academic environment and has the following unique qualities?</p><p>Exciting and innovative courses that:</p><ul><li>Address a broad range of topics within the field of European studies, including political, historical, ideational, cultural, economic and social aspects of contemporary Europe</li><li>Prepare students for a work-life within public and private organizations, within the cultural sector, as well as for PhD-education. Watch this short <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouyIIRyDhfE">YouTube film</a> to learn more about our alumni</li><li>Offer highly developed methods-training and the choice of four different method&rsquo;s specializations</li></ul><p>Internship and a relevant working life:</p><ul><li>Paves the way to exciting job opportunities, through internships and collaborations with working life</li><li>Provides direct access to a relevant job-market through our <a href="http://pol.gu.se/english/education/centre-for-european-studies--ces-/the-executive-master-s-programme-in-european-studies-/regu">Business Council REGU</a></li><li>And access to the European expert analysts enrolled in our <a href="http://pol.gu.se/english/education/centre-for-european-studies--ces-/the-executive-master-s-programme-in-european-studies-">Executive Master of European Studies</a></li></ul><p>For your application to be considered, you need to meet the formal requirements (see below) as well as submit a CV and a Statement of intent. Please use the Statement of Intent form that you can find at our <a href="http://pol.gu.se/english/education/centre-for-european-studies--ces-/master-s-programme-in-european-studies--120-hec-/entrance-requirements-and-selection">Entrance </a><a href="http://pol.gu.se/english/education/centre-for-european-studies--ces-/master-s-programme-in-european-studies-120-credits/entrance-requirements-and-selection">Requirements and Selection page</a>.</p><p>The first year of the program is completed at Chapel Hill and the second year at University of Gothenburg. Detailed information is found at: <a href="http://pol.gu.se/english/education/master-programmes/double-degree-options/University+of+North+Carolina+-+Chapel+Hill+(UNC-CH)">http://pol.gu.se/english/education/master-programmes/double-degree-options/University+of+North+Carolina+-+Chapel+Hill+(UNC-CH)</a></p><p><strong>The Master&#39;s Program in European Studies Chapel Hill Double Degree Track consists of the following courses:</strong></p><p><strong>Term 1:</strong> Varieties of Democratic Capitalism in Europe and North America (7 credits) AND European Integration: Theories, Institutions and Decision-Making Processes (7 credits) AND US-EU Lecture Series (3 credits) AND Statistics and Data Analysis (7 credits), AND an elective course (7 credits).</p><p><strong>Term 2:</strong> EU Today (7 credits) AND Statistics Sequence (8 credits) AND two elective courses. As elective courses we recommend Comparative Tolerance (7 credits) and Political Contestation (8 credits).</p><p><strong>Term 3:</strong> Semi-elective courses Social Europe (15 credits) OR European Energy and Environment (15 credits) OR Europe in the World (15 credits) AND European Integration: Current Research and Theory (5 credits) AND Integrating European Market (10 credits).</p><p><strong>Term 4:</strong> Master&rsquo;s Thesis (30 credits)</p><p>Please note that you also need to fulfill the requirements at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: <a href="http://europe.unc.edu/transatlanticmasters">http://europe.unc.edu/transatlanticmasters</a></p><p>The first year of the program is completed at Chapel Hill and the second year at University of Gothenburg. Detailed information is found at: <a href="http://pol.gu.se/english/education/master-programmes/double-degree-options/University+of+North+Carolina+-+Chapel+Hill+(UNC-CH)">http://pol.gu.se/english/education/master-programmes/double-degree-options/University+of+North+Carolina+-+Chapel+Hill+(UNC-CH)</a></p><p><strong>You can apply to all four tracks of our Master&rsquo;s Programme in European Studies:</strong></p><ul><li>The Social Science Track</li><li>The Humanities Track</li><li>The Double Degree Track &nbsp;with Konstanz University in Germany</li><li>The Double Degree Track &nbsp;with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the United States</li></ul>