The exchange term at Umeå School of Architecture provides the students with a wide understanding of the subject architecture, the necessary practical tools and implements for analysis, conceptual sketch and composition skills, and a wide range of technical knowledge. The education is largely based on project assignments and aims to integrate theoretical and scientific knowledge with artistic process and research.

The package consists of courses in Architecture Project, Architectural Technology, History of Architecture and Theory of Architecture running in parallel with a synthesis course in the form of design projects. 

5AR210 Architecture Project 2:1, 15.0 Credits
The course aims to develop, advance and integrate the scientific and artistic competences the student achieves in architectural theory, architectural technology and architectural history through the semester. The student will learn how to develop architecture in relation with context and through practical assignments to understand architecture as relations. The student will be introduced to conceptual and generic working methods and guided in the application of these in an architectural project work. The student will gain a wider understanding of spatial expressions and three-dimensional relations through exercises in digital communication among other methods. The course provides knowledge of how principles for sustainability are integrated in an architectural project.
The course is divided into three modules:Background and Method, 1.5 Credits
Concept and context, 6.0 Credits
Intervention, 7.5 Credits 
5AR203 Architectural Technology 2:1, 3.0 Credits
The course deals with basic knowledge of the technological aspects of climate shelters. Principles of building physics, materials and technological solutions are explored through theoretical and practical exercises.
The course is divided into two modules:Climate shelter as façade, 1,5 Credits
Principles for climate shelter, 1,5 Credits 
5AR202 History of Architecture 2:1, 6.0 Credits
The course deals with the western style of architecture and history of the western urban design in a historical perspective. The concept of style and the historiography are examined and re-evaluated through glimpses of other cultural spheres and through investigations of the concepts of composition, transformation and intervention. The course will be both theoretical and practical. 
5AR201 Theory of Architecture 2:1, 6.0 Credits
The course deals with and explores important architectural methods, such as conceptual methods, generic methods, large-scale model building and gives a theoretical and practical orientation in composition methods.
The course is divided into three modules:Architectural methods, 3 Credits
Composition methods, 1,5 Credits
Architectural communication, 1,5 Credits