Every subject that is offered as part of third-cycle education must have a general syllabus that describes the programme’s content. The supervisor and the doctoral student must also draw up an individual study plan.

General syllabus

The general syllabus must include

  • the main content of the programme
  • specific entry requirements and
  • other necessary requirements

Contact the department at which you want to conduct research to obtain the general syllabus for the subject that interests you.

Individual study plan

The Higher Education Ordinance states that an individual study plan must be drawn up for every doctoral student. This must be done jointly by the doctoral student and the supervisor. Third-cycle education is individual so the plan’s contents will be different for each doctoral student, even when they are studying the same subject.

The individual study plan must include:

  • the obligations of the higher education institution (HEI) and the doctoral student
  • a time plan for the doctoral student’s studies.

The individual study plan must be regularly followed up and revised by the HEI when necessary, after consultation with the doctoral student and supervisor. The period of study may only be extended if there are exceptional circumstances.

More information about extending the period of study

Read more about syllabi in Chapter 6, Sections 27 and 29 of the Higher Education Ordinance.

Higher Education Ordinance at the Swedish Council for Higher Education's website

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