Go on an exchange with Erasmus+ without having to travel. Through Erasmus+ virtual exchange, you can participate in online activities together with young people in Europe and the southern Mediterranean.

If you're between the ages of 18 and 30, you're welcome to apply for an Erasmus+ virtual course. There are three different courses available with application on the Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange website.

Three online courses

Online facilitated dialogue

Seize the opportunity for in-depth international exchange. Meet other young people for dialogue in a safe online environment with discussion leaders. With this course you're provided with the opportunity to

  • discuss issues you find important
  • develop a better understanding for one another
  • develop meaningful relationships that reach across borders and cultures
  • practice skills sought after in the labour market. 

Dialogue occurs in small groups with participants from different countries. Discussions are informal but reading materials and assignments are distributed. 

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Advocacy training

Development parliamentarian debate skills with the support of a network of trained group leaders.  

The purpose is to promote listening and understanding as well as the ability to argue ones case. 

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Interactive open online courses

Meet students from different countries and learn through video lectures, activities that support skill development and intercultural discussions led by discussion leaders. 

Courses held online reach across cultural context and national borders. Activities can be integrated in established MOOCs and can touch subjects such as media, religion, food, culture and much more. 

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