You will need a visa if you travel outside the EU; within the EU you need a passport and residence permit.

If you are a Swedish citizen and are going to study in another EU member state for no more than three months, you do not need a visa or residence permit. You must, however, have a valid passport; a Swedish ID card is not enough.

In some EU member states you must register with the local authorities.

More than three months within the EU

If you are going to study in an EU member state for more than three months, you are entitled to a residence permit if you

  • are registered on a course that is approved for Swedish student financing.
  • have comprehensive medical insurance and enough money to avoid using the country’s social insurance system.

The permit is issued by the competent authority in that country.

Visas for countries outside the EU

If you are going to study in a country outside the EU you must have a visa. Contact the country’s embassy for information about costs and administration time. The government website has a list of addresses for embassies and consulates.

The Stockholm Diplomatic List

What are my rights?

The Europe Direct information service can answer questions about your rights as an EU citizen.

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