While waiting for your case to be evaluated, it is possible for you to begin studying Swedish. There are organisations that provide these and other types of courses for asylum-seekers.

Sweden has a long history of providing courses at various levels for interested students. There are folk high schools, adult education schools and vocational studies, to name a few. Municipalities offer a course called Swedish for Immigrants (SFI) for newly arrived individuals. In most cases, however, the individual must have a residence permit in order to begin their studies. 

It can be good to read up on the various options available to you so that you're prepared when you've received your residence permit. You can find more information right here at Studera.nu.

Options for learning Swedish

There are various organisations that provide support to asylum-seekers. Some offer classes that can help you learn Swedish. The Swedish Migration Agency has a list of links to these organisations. Here is a link to their website where you can find information in various languages about seeking asylum in Sweden, with links to various help organisations:

Swedish Migration Agency's information for asylum-seekers

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