Were you admitted to a course or programme, but circumstances have since occurred that make it impossible for you to start? You can begin your studies at a later time by applying for a deferment.

The deferment process is an official process. In order to apply for a deferment, you must have a certain type of reason for your request, for example illness, caring for a child or other related factors. 

No longer than 18 months

You can defer your studies for up to 18 months, unless there are special circumstances that require a longer time.

Submit your application to the university

You should submit your application for a deferment as soon as possible to the university you're planning on attending. Include a certificate or some type of official documentation which supports the reasons you've stated for your deferment. The university will make a decision regarding your application. 

Starting your course or programme

Remember to save your deferment decision - it contains all the information you need in order to start your course or programme. When you're ready to start, you may need to report this to your university.

Decisions regarding deferment of studies can be appealed to the Higher Education Appeals Board (Överklagandenämnden för högskolan, ÖNH).

To appeal with the Higher Education Appeals Board

Page last updated 2023-03-16