Guidance counsellors are experts in admissions and the rules that apply. They can help you sort out your thoughts about studying at the university level.

A great way to get help with your questions regarding university studies is to talk with a guidance counsellor. You may have no idea what you want to study, or have a very clear idea what you want to do but need help with the how. A guidance counsellor is there to provide you with assistance.

Finding a guidance counsellor

If you're currently studying at a Swedish gymnasium - upper secondary school - or at a folk high school, you can find a guidance counsellor there. You can also contact a guidance counsellor at a university. You don't need to be registered and studying at a university - they're available for everyone and the service is free.

Adult education offered in your municipality also has guidance counsellors available. You can speak to one even if you're not registered for studies. You can find one by looking at your municipality's website - if you are not yet good at Swedish, you can ask someone who is to help you. The larger municipalities often have a counselling center.

If you use the function "Hitta och jämför utbildning" on the Swedish version of, you can find links to guidance counselling in the descriptions of every university and university college. Ask a teacher or friend who knows Swedish for help.

Go to "Hitta och jämför utbildning" function (in Swedish)

Arrive prepared

It's important to prepare for your meeting with a guidance counsellor. Make a list of your questions and thoughts so you'll be ready and can get more out of the meeting.

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