If you don't meet the requirements for university studies in Sweden, a good way to get the courses needed is to study at a municipal adult education school.

Many who have studied in other countries or are new to Sweden find that they need certain classes in order to meet the entry requirements. For students who don't meet the general and/or specific entry requirements for courses and programmes they wish to apply for, a good option is to attend an adult education school.

What types of adult education are offered?

Swedish adult education is provided in many different ways and with different ownership, from state and municipal run adult education programmes to work training, personnel training, and skills development in working life. Here are some examples of what's available:

  • Municipal adult education (komvux)
  • Basic adult education
  • Upper secondary adult education
  • Adult education for mentally and intellectually handicapped (särvux)
  • Swedish for immigrants (SFI)

Municipal adult education (komvux)

Basic adult education

Basic adult education covers the first 9 years of secondary school.

Upper secondary adult education

Upper secondary adult education gives adults knowledge and skills at a level equivalent to the upper secondary (high school) level for young people - called gymnasiet in Swedish. This education programme consists of courses at different levels. You receive a grade after each completed course.

Many study at komvux in order to complete the courses they need in order to meet the eligibility requirements for university studies. At komvux, you can study courses that give you both general and specific eligibility.

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Finding out more

The best way to get more information about what adult education programmes are available where you live is to visit the website of your municipality. You can also contact a guidance counsellor for more information.

Page last updated 2022-09-22