Realising that you aren't suited for what you're studying, or that you've made the wrong choice, can be quite stressful - but it isn't a catastrophe. You can change your university and programme, though it can be a bit tricky.

It's usually not difficult to change the programme or course you're currently studying to a new one if they're similar in how they're organised and in content. This is dependent of course on if there are places available in the course or programme you want to transfer to.

Transferring credits from earlier studies

It's always the university you wish to transfer to that makes decisions on which of your earlier credits can be transferred. Remember that you must also meet the entry requirements for the course or programme at the new university.

Changing your specialisation (subject area)

If you regret choosing the programme you're studying and wish to try something else, you can get help from a university guidance counsellor. You can find information about the university guidance counsellor at the university's website.

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