To get an idea if you have a chance of being offered a place in the course or programme you applied for, you can check admissions statistics for the previous year.

Please note that statistical information regarding admissions in Sweden is only available in Swedish. You can always ask a friend or relative who speaks Swedish - or a guidance counsellor - to help you.

Hitta och jämför utbildning and

You can find statistics for courses and programmes at Hitta och jämför utbildning at the Swedish version of

Find statistics at Hitta och jämför utbildning (In Swedish)

More statistics are available at, the agency website for the Swedish Council for Higher Education. They're responsible for the admission process and for websites such as, - and this website! There, you can search for:

  • how many applied for a specific course or programme for a specific semester,
  • how many were accepted to a specific course or programme,
  • what the lowest merit rating was that was offered admission.

Go to admissions statistics at (in Swedish)

The merit rating needed may have been lower

It's possible that the final merit rating that was offered a place in a certain course or programme was actually lower than what is listed in the admission statistics database. This is because the universities themselves take care of the admissions process after the second selection round. It's possible that places can become available and that applicants with a lower merit rating are then offered a place.

Statistics before 2010

In 2010, new regulations for admission were put into place for universities and university colleges. It can be difficult to compare grade averages from before and after 2010, as they were calculated differently before and after the new regulations went into effect. 

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