Traineeship or placement programmes mean you may be able to receive a grant for placements at overseas businesses and organisations.

Do you want to see what it’s like to work in the EU’s corridors of power? Do you want to deal with development issues and human rights at the UN or other international organisations? Or are you looking for a place at a company at which you can do your degree project? These and much more are possible thanks to a variety of placement programmes.

Placement – a route to working life

An overseas placement is one way of

  • acquiring beneficial experience
  • making contacts
  • improving language skills
  • building your CV.

For many people, a placement is a direct route to working life. In some cases, a placement is part of your higher education. In other cases you can apply for a placement after graduation.

Various placement programmes make it possible to apply for financial support for a period abroad. What's on offer depends on where you're studying, how long you've been studying and what you want to do. Some placement programmes offer paid placements, while others allow you to apply for grants or scholarships for unpaid placements.

Page last updated 2023-10-24