As a student, you have the ability to influence your education, for example through course evaluations or by getting involved in the student union.

An important task of universities and university colleges is providing an organisation in which students can take an active role in improving and further developing education and the educational experience. Students must be represented in, and influence decisions through, the university's decision-making and planning bodies. These bodies can vary from university to university. 

  • All universities and university colleges have a governing board where students have the right to be represented with 3 members.
  • Universities can also have department boards, faculty boards and field-specific boards (for humanities, social sciences and other fields) where students have the right to representation.
  • Specific officials, such as vice-chancellor, pro-vice-chancellor, and heads of department, are expected to consult with student representatives before making larger decisions.

You can find information about how your university or university college is organised on their website.

Student unions

Student unions' biggest task is to represent the students at their university or university college. It is often student union representatives that are found in the governing board and other boards. Being a member in a student union is not required.

Course evaluations

As a student, you have the right to express your opinions and relate your experiences at the end of every completed course. You have the right to information regarding the results of course evaluations and decisions regarding eventual actions to be taken based on these results.  


If you're unhappy with something, you should take your complaint first to the person responsible for the course or programme at your department and try and solve the problem. If this doesn't give a positive result, you can go to the director of studies, department head or vice-chancellor. You can also contact the student union for help or advice on how you should proceed.

If you believe the university has broken the law or a regulation pertaining to higher education, such as the Higher Education Act or Higher Education Ordinance, you can report this to Universitetskanslersämbetet (The Swedish Higher Education Authority). They're not a court of law and cannot change a university or university college's decision, but they can review the case and give the university recommendations for measures they should take.

Make a complaint to Universitetskanslersämbetet

Read more at the Higher Education Act and Higher Education Ordinance

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