Welcome to Studera.nu in English. Chances are if you're visiting this website, you have a lot of questions about university studies in Sweden. In this section, we've provided an introduction to higher education.

Swedish education - a quick overview

School attendance is required for children aged 7 to 16. After compulsory school (grades 1 - 9), students can decide to continue their studies at an upper secondary school, called gymnasieskola.

Two important factors that determine what can be studied at university are:

  • what programme a person decides to study at the upper secondary school level
  • how well one does in their studies. 

At university, students can study a few years or many years and receive a number of different degrees in different subjects. Sweden has 50 universities and university colleges in a number of different locations. For the autumn 2020 semester, Sweden offered approximately 18,000 courses and programmes at the bachelor's and master's levels. 

The Swedish reputation

Sweden has a very long tradition of academic quality. Even though it's a small country, some of the best universities in the world can be found here. Education's focus is on rationality, reason and applying knowledge. Students are not just taught knowledge; they are encouraged to work with others, be creative, speak their mind and be responsible for their education.

Look no further than the Nobel Prize to see this country's dedication to knowledge, creativity and discovery.

Different education agencies working together

It may be confusing with several different government authorities and agencies working with higher education, and many students wonder where they should turn for specific questions or tasks. Here's a quick guide for you, with links to more information.

Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR)

UHR is the agency responsible for the website you're visiting right now. UHR's main tasks are:

  • providing general information about higher education, mainly through Studera.nu
  • managing admission to Sweden's universities
  • providing evaluations of foreign upper secondary, university and vocational qualifications
  • helping students study abroad through the Erasmus+ programme

Find out more at UHR's website

Swedish Higher Education Authority (UKÄ)

UKÄ is tasked with overseeing Sweden's universities and university colleges, and to ensure that they comply with regulations and provide quality education. The authority is also responsible for statistics and follow-up for the higher education sector in Sweden.

Find out more at UKÄ's website

The Swedish Board of Student Finance (CSN)

CSN is responsible for providing financial support to students - in the form of grants and loans - for their university studies. 

Find out more at CSN's website

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