A number of study destinations have an accomodations guarantee, which means that if you decide to study there, you’re sure to get a place to live. In many places in Sweden – especially the big cities – it can be very difficult to find accommodation and it's important to start your search as early as possible.

Most students live in a rental apartment close to their university. There are also apartments and rooms available that are specifically for students. Student corridors are common where each person has their own room, and the floor shares a kitchen.

How do I find student housing?

In can be more difficult to find housing in some study destinations than others. Some towns and cities offer guaranteed housing, while in others there are long waiting lists for both student accommodations and regular rental apartments.

Notification of Selection Results may be required

Many housing agencies require a copy of the Notification of Selection Results – your admissions decision – as proof that you are a student looking for accommodation. Your notification is published at Universityadmissions.se (in English) and Antagning.se (in Swedish), the same place where you apply for studies. Log in to your account and go to the Applications tab.

Contact the student union

The student union at the university you’re planning on attending can help you. Contact them for more information about student housing.

Read more about student unions

How much does student housing cost?

The amount of rent a student must pay for student housing varies. You can expect to pay from 1,200 to over 4,000 kronor per month.

Housing allowance (Bostadsbidrag)

If you have a child and are between the ages of 18 and 28, you can apply for a housing allowance from Försäkringskassan. Find out more about eligibility and how to apply at Försäkringskassans website.

Housing allowance information at Försäkringskassan


In cities where there is a shortage of student accommodations, it’s common for students to sublet an apartment at the beginning of their study period. When subletting, it’s important to know what regulations apply and be sure the person you are renting from has permission to sublet the apartment.

Read more about the rules for subletting at Hyresnämndens website:

Hyresnämnden (In English)

Change of adress

If you're planning on moving in order to study at a university, you must be registered in the Swedish Population Register at your new residence. What this means is that you must be registered at the address where you live, i.e. where you sleep most nights.

With an electronic identification such as Mobile BankID, you can use the Swedish Tax Agency's e-service "Flyttanmälan" to report a change of address quickly and easily. Read more at the Tax Agency's website.

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