University studies are a lot different than upper secondary studies. It can be a challenge to find the right study skills that work for you. Here's a guide to help.

While studying at a university, it's your responsibility to decide how much time you need to devote to your studies. It can be a very good idea to work on your study skills right from the start.

Courses in study skills

Universities often arrange courses in study skills for new students. These courses can have different forms, from lectures to interactive online courses.

Study skills are about:

  • structuring your time so that the amount of work is steady
  • finding good ways to read text material
  • listening for comprehension at lectures
  • taking notes and practicing memory techniques.

At Studenthä you can find tips and advice that can help you achieve a sustainable student life, and prevent illness, as an international student in Sweden. Read more about how to study smart and how to master the art of collaboration during group work.


Writing and math workshops

Universities often offer a writing workshop - skrivverkstad in Swedish - where you can train your ability to express yourself in your writing. As you progress in your academic programme, you'll be required to write a number of papers and essays. Writing workshops can be a great support to you in these types of assignments.

Some universities offer math workshops - räknestugor in Swedish - where you can practice your math skills.

Ask your teacher

Course literature can be in-depth, difficult to understand and sometimes in both Swedish and English, which for many students are not their native languages. After a lecture, you can always ask the teacher about anything you didn't understand. It may for example be a word or section in one of your textbooks. Teachers are used to questions from their students. 

Work together

Many students choose to study together with classmates. In this way, you can help one another with difficult words and concepts and other things you have had a tough time understanding.

Another good idea is to check with the student union to see if they have a mentor programme available. In this way, you can get help from experienced students who are studying the same programme that you are. 

Books about study skills

There are a number of books about study skills available at libraries, the student centre at your university, and similar places. Tips from teachers, guidance counsellors and other students are also very helpful.

Page last updated 2024-02-14