You don’t always need to travel a long way to go on a study exchange. You can benefit from the long tradition of cooperation between the Nordic countries through the Nordplus exchange programme.

Most universities and university colleges have close partnerships and exchanges within the Nordic and Baltic states. Nordplus is a programme that provides you with the opportunity to apply for a scholarship and travel grant to study in another Nordic or Baltic country.

What is Nordplus?

Students in the first and second cycles (Bachelor’s and Master’s) can study for 1-12 months at a Nordic or Baltic university, including ones in the autonomous regions of the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland. If you're accepted for a Nordplus exchange you receive a grant that covers some of your additional costs.

In some cases you can also be awarded a grant for a shorter exchange, called express mobility. The minimum time for this is one week (five working days).

The most common situation is that your department or faculty is associated with a Nordplus network, often within a particular subject area. A network provides an opportunity for students to go on exchanges to the Nordic universities that are part of the cooperation.

What are the application requirements?

To be able to apply for Nordplus, you must:

  • be registered at a university or university college that currently has a Nordplus exchange
  • be studying with the intention of being awarded a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.

Contact your department for more detailed application requirements.

Grant amounts

Grant amounts for students are decided by the department. However, this can be no more than 200 euro per month, plus a travel grant for travel to and from the place of study. The size of the travel grant varies depending on the destination country.

Extra funding for students with disabilities

Students with disabilities who need special support to be able to participate in the exchange may receive extra funding to cover these costs.

Talk to your guidance counsellor or the disabilities officer at your university for more information and help with your application.

Is my department part of Nordplus?

Contact your department to find out if they have current student exchange partnerships through Nordplus. You can also speak to a guidance counsellor or the international office/department, if you have such a department, at your university or university college.

Page last updated 2022-11-03