If you need to take a temporary break from your studies, you can apply for an approved leave from studies with guaranteed admission. Read more about what this involves and how to apply.

If you're studying a degree programme, you can request an approved leave from studies with guaranteed admission. This means you can keep your place in the programme and start your studies again at a later date.

Approved leave from studies with guaranteed admission

You can apply for this type of leave at the university where you're studying. In your application, you must indicate the special circumstances that prevent you from continuing your studies. You can apply based on personal, professional, or medical reasons, such as care of a child, military duty, or a student union assignment.

If the university approves your leave, it will always be for a limited, specific time period. Save the decision - you'll find information regarding your leave of absence, when you must continue your studies, and what you need to do  before your return.

Contact your university

Find out more about leave from studies by contacting your university.

If your university decides not to approve your application, you can submit an appeal to the Higher Education Appeals Board (Överklagandenämnden för högskolan, ÖNH).

To appeal with the Higher Education Appeals Board

About leave of absences in the Higher Education Ordinance, chapter 7, section 33

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