While waiting for your case to be processed, you can have your foreign qualifications evaluated by the Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR). This can be helpful to you in the future when seeking employment.

Use the Qualifications Assessment Tool

The Qualifications Assessment Tool is a digital self-service that lets you know right away what your foreign qualification compares to in Sweden. We suggest you start here. The service contains over 1000 qualifications from 77 different countries.

When you've found your qualification and Swedish comparison, you can download a PDF document explaining the comparison. Use this document when applying for jobs in Sweden so that employers can better understand your previous education.

Go to the Qualifications Assessment Tool

My qualification isn't available in the web service

This is not a problem. You can apply for a review of your foreign qualifications from UHR. Your education documents will be assessed by a credential evaluator. As a result, you'll receive a recognition statement. You can use this recognition statement when applying for a job in Sweden. The employer will get a better understanding of how your qualification compares to a Swedish qualification. 

The application process is free. The recognition statement is provided as a PDF document and is digitally certified.

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