You can be considered eligible for a course or programme despite the fact you don't meet the formal entry requirements. A university or university college can assess your prior learning and decide if that's enough for the course or programme.

You can meet both the general and specific entry requirements for a course or programme without having studied at an upper secondary school. This can be done by referring to your accumulated competence, if you document it completely and clearly.

What is prior learning?

Prior learning can be for example the knowledge and experiences you've acquired from your work life, work in associations, longer periods of time abroad or from different courses you've studied. In order to apply for studies based on your prior learning, you must submit a letter and documentation that shows what accumulated competence you have.

General entry requirements to bachelor's studies

Universities and university colleges have agreed on a common approach to assessing prior learning that is comparable to meeting the general entry requirements at the bachelor's level.

If you can prove and document the following, you will be considered to have met the general entry requirements for bachelor's studies.

You must have at least an E or Pass (Godkänd) in the following Swedish courses, or their foreign equivalent:

  • Swedish/Swedish as a second language A + B or Swedish/Swedish as a second language 1, 2 or 3 (Svenska/Svenska som andra språk A + B or Svenska/Svenska som andra språk 1, 2 och 3).
  • English A or English 5 and 6 (Engelska A or Engelska 5 och 6).
  • Mathematics A or Mathematics 1a, b or c (Matematik A or Matematik 1a, b eller c).
  • Social studies A or Social studies 1b or 1a1 + 1a2 (Samhällskunskap A or Samhällskunskap 1b or 1a1 + 1a2).
  • Three years professional experience, at least half-time, after the age of 19.

The foreign equivalent to the courses listed is different depending on the country in which you studied the subject. Contact the university where you're applying for prior learning experience for more information.

Increase your chances with the högskoleprovet

In order to compete for admission to courses and programmes where there are most applicants than places, you need to complete the högskoleprovet. Your result on the test becomes your merit rating because you have no grades to compete with in the grades groups.


Don't mix up prior learning with exceptions. If you don't meet the entry requirements, either with formal grades or with prior learning, the university or university college can make an exception. This means that you're exempted from one or more requirements for a specific course or programme at a specific time. Exceptions are very seldom granted.

The decision is made by the university or university college

When you apply for an assessment of prior learning, the university or university college you wish to study at will make a decision after reviewing all of the qualifications you have submitted. They assess whether your combined qualifications gives you the competence needed in order to succeed at the course or programme you've applied for.

If you've been awarded prior learning/exception previously

If you've previously been given a preliminary decision and/or have been awarded prior learning or exception, you should submit a copy of that decision. If the decision is not for a course or programme that corresponds to the one you have now applied for, you must submit a new application. Each decision is made specifically for the course or programme you've applied for.

Submit your application to Universitets- och högskolerådet

You submit your application for assessment of prior learning or exception on The information is only available in Swedish. 


Please note that you must follow the university or university college's further instructions regarding your application. They may for example require that you submit a copy of your application, or request further documentation. You can find instructions on the university's website.

Do you have questions?

If you have questions about your application, you should contact the university or university college. Each one works a bit differently with assessment of prior learning and exceptions. Visit their website for more information. You can also contact Antagningsservice (admissions) by using the contact form on or telephoning them.

Contact information for Antagningsservice

Remember that prior learning does not give a merit rating and does not have its own selection group. In order to compete for a place, you must take the högskoleprovet in order to compete for places.

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