You may be eager to enter the job market, but aren't sure how your foreign qualifications are interpreted here in Sweden. Knowing more about your qualifications can help you determine if you can get a job right away, or should spend time studying.

Studying at a Swedish upper secondary school, vocational school or university isn't by any means a requirement for working in Sweden. Many individuals find their foreign qualifications are sought after in Sweden, making finding a job easier. But how do you know how your qualifications compare to Swedish qualifications? You can find out by applying for an assessment.

Swedish Council for Higher Education - the responsible authority

The Swedish Council for Higher Education (Universitets- och högskolerådet, UHR) is responsible for the recognition process for foreign qualifications for job purposes. You submit your application to them and they'll provide you with a document containing the result of their review. (UHR is responsible for, the website you're reading right now!)

Job purposes versus applying for studies

If you're applying for university studies in Sweden, an evaluation of your qualifications will take place as part of the application process, where it will be determined if you meet the entry requirements for the course or programme. As such, you do not need an evaluation of your qualifications by UHR for the purposes of studying in Sweden.

You should contact UHR if you wish to have your foreign qualifications reviewed for job purposes.

Upper secondary qualifications

You can have your upper secondary qualifications reviewed by UHR for recognition. UHR evaluates your foreign upper secondary qualifications and provides you with a written evaluation, called a recognition statement. This evaluation can be used for planning continued studies, or future work opportunities.

The service is free of charge and only available to students living in Sweden at the time of application.

Foreign upper secondary qualifications at

Higher vocational education qualifications

If you have foreign higher vocational education qualifications, you can have them evaluated by UHR for job purposes. You will be provided with a certificate stating the equivalent level of vocational education in Sweden your qualifications give you. This general statement can be used when applying for work.

Find out more about evaluation of your higher vocational education at

Professional qualifications

Not all professional qualifications are assessed by UHR. Certain professions are requlated by Swedish law which dictates what professional qualifications must be met in order to work in that profession. Recognition in this case is provided by the appropriate authority. Read more at UHR's website regarding professional qualifications: 

Information regarding professional qualifications

Teaching certification

If you're a teacher and wish to be certified to teach in Sweden, you must have your qualifications evaluated by the Swedish National Agency for Education - Skolverket. You can find out how to complete this process by visiting Skolverket's website:

Information about teacher certification at

Information for teachers

University qualifications

If you have foreign university qualifications, you can have them evaluated by UHR for job purposes. You'll receive a general recognition statement that can be used when applying for work. Your degree will be described in terms of its equivalent in Sweden, helping a future employer better understand your qualifications.

You must be eligible to work in Sweden in order to have your academic qualifications assessed by UHR.

Read more about academic qualifications assessment at

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