If you have a disability, you have the right to study at a university or university college with the same conditions as other students whenever possible.

Students with disabilities can receive pedagogical support for their studies. Some examples of support available are:

  • special arrangements for examinations
  • scheduling accomodations
  • literature support, such as audio books, electronic textbooks or braille
  • note-taking support
  • mentor or extra supervision
  • sign language interpreter

Find more information at studeramedfunktionshinder.nu (in English)

Contact a coodinator

As early as possible - we suggest the same time as you apply to university - contact the university's disability coordinator for more information. This is especially important if you need a sign language interpretor as this can take some time to arrange.

Interview with disability coordinators

Helena Petrini and Birgitta Hydén, coordinators at Uppsala University, were interviewed regarding special assistance and how they can best help you.

"The earlier you contact me, the better the opportunity I'll have to help you. If I have more time, I can be more creative. It's important that you yourself take the initiative. I can't tell if someone has a disability just by looking at their admission application." says Helena Petrini, Disability Coordinator at Uppsala University, Gotland Campus.

"There isn't any set model, because all situations are special," says Birgitta Hydén, Disability Coordinator att Uppsala University. "I can get students the right tools to help them manage their situation. They can get information on how to establish a good dialogue with teachers to get accommodated teaching and examinations, but also concrete support such as note taking help and audio books."

"Not everything can be arranged. But together, we can investigate the possibilities that exist and I can work on getting solutions. If it's necessary, I'll use the law to help," says Helena.

Every university and almost all university colleges have a disability coordinator. Their role is to coordinate the student's needs to the teacher's work procedures and the pedagogical support available. The goal is to find a solution that allows the student to complete their studies.

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