Emerging Fields in Gender Studies (Master level course) (30 ECTS)   Do you want to know more about how gender is understood beyond the binary? Or, how the formation of masculinities are an important area in Gender Studies? This course takes up two important fields in Gender Studies: Transgender Studies and Critical Masculinity Studies. You will learn foundational theories in Trans Studies as well as Critical Masculinity Studies, how they interlink with feminist activism and what their relationship are to the overall field of Gender Studies. This course will help you to improve your ability to critically examine and analyse these field?s most important theoretical perspectives and trajectories. You will be able to evaluate connections between theories and activism concerning gender and sexuality in the context of intersectional connections to large social categories such as race, class, and/or ability. The medium of instruction is English. This means that lectures and seminars will be given in English and that examinations (including the master's thesis) will be in English. The two theoretical modules will be Module 1: Transgender Studies and Trans Activism (7,5 ECTS) Module 2: Critical Masculinity Studies (7,5 ECTS) The third module is the essay course (15 ECTS) The MA course can be used either individually or as a contribution to your MA or MSc courses in Gender Studies or another subject. This course is available as a full-time course and part-time course. Each module can be taken individually without the other modules. The course language is English and the course is a "semi-distance" course that means it can be taken either as face-to-face/on-campus course or as an online course with virtual classroom participation. Knowledge of Swedish language is not required. Please note that it's possible to take each module individually. If you only want to take one module, please apply for the whole course nevertheless. In case that module is to be included in your MA exam at another university, contact your director of studies at that university for validation of the course.