The aim of the course is to trace a general history of Islamic Philosophy from the 8th to the 13th century, following the evolution of thought from the introduction of Greek philosophy into Muslim world. We will try to mark the most important figures in this history and the major stages and issues in which Islamic Philosophy passed through. We will deal with names like: Al-Kindî, Al-Razî, Al- Farabî, Ibn Sîna ("Avicenna"), Al-Gazalî, Ibn Tufayl, Maimonides, Ibn Rushd ("Averroes"), Ibn Khaldûn. Our course will also deal with evolution of the thoughts and the intersections between philosophy and theology: ethics (Akhlaq), politics (sîyasah), knowledge of God (Ma'rifat all-Allah), creation and eternity of the world (khalq wa zalîyat al-'Alam) and the immortality of the soul (khlûd al-Nafis)