This course focuses on contemporary feminist theoretical debates and explores the complex relations and tensions between gender, sexuality, race/ethnicity and class. Through critical readings, central feminist theories will be scrutinized to see how they are able to theorize other power dimensions such as heteronormativity, racism, (post)colonialism and classism. The course is divided into two modules. The first module, Feminist theory encounters other critical theoretical fields (7,5 ECTS), opens with an introduction of feminist theory which puts questions of power, knowledge and subjectivity in focus. Then, in order to illustrate the potential of different feminist theories for doing intersectional analysis, feminist theory is connected to other critical theoretical fields. The other module, Intersectional analysis of power relations (7,5 ECTS), consists of  a discussion on the concept of intersectionality followed by more specific discussions on the prospects of intersectional analysis in relation to three empirical fields of study; body, politics and place/space. Platsgaranti för SAGVT